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pellet production line in Russia

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Pellet production line
Мажестик, LLC, Chusovoy
We offer a line for the production of pellets, quality DIN 51731, DIN Plus, production capacity 1000 kg / h, the line is fully automated. Thanks...
Composite rebar production line
Стройдом, LLC, Ivanovo +2 ads
The line for the production of composite fittings tm "Stroydom" can be delivered in several versions. Our factory offers automatic semi-automatic...
Equipment for the production of composite reinforcement
$8,300/Комплект (компл)
Стройдом, LLC, Ivanovo +2 ads
The line for the production of composite fittings tm "Stroydom" can be delivered in several versions. Our factory offers automatic semi-automatic...
Equipment for the production of composite reinforcement
Стройдом, LLC, Ivanovo +2 ads
The line for the production of composite fittings tm "Stroydom" can be delivered in several versions. Our factory offers automatic semi-automatic...
Siberian larch dry planed boards Commercial proposal
485/cu m
Альянс, LLC, Saint-Petersburg
Dear Sirs, Thank you for your interest in our company. We are pleased to submit a proposal to deliver high quality hardwood. Woodworking Company...
Pini Kay heat logs
rub 10,000/pc  
Wholesale price
from rub 10,000/pc
Sunles, LLC, Moscow +1 ad
We would like to present you our pini-kay briquettes made of raw mixed sawdust of soft and hard wood. Our production line based in Moscow...
Flow pack Packaging Machine
Price on request
Omaks Machinery, LS, TR +1 ad
We would like to introduce our company OMAKS as as a manufacturer of automatic wafer production line, horizontal flow pack machines and automatic...
PINI-KAY briquettes
Sunles, LLC, Moscow +1 ad
We would like to present you our PINI-KAY briquettes made of virgin pine and spruce wood. They do not expand, spark, or spit when burning. Our...
Chemical products offer
Price on request
Chapelfields TL, LLC, Moscow
Chapelfields Trading Limited is an international trader of raw materials for chemical industry. We cooperate with mining and metallurgical...
Morrison rope indigo dyeing line, USA
Price on request
Vlit, LLC, CN
Morrison rope indigo dyeing line, USA Origin year 2005,200cm ww,32 ropes,18 batch boxes, drying cylinder 40 pcs, all electronic parts already...
Pellets from sunflower husks
МПК Максимовский, JSC, Tambov
The Creamery sells high-quality pellets from sunflower husks. Pellet diameter 8mm, length up to 4mm. Photos and official quality documents are...
NiO: 3. 3% 4. 5%, This is by product of spent NiMo, CoMo. VNiM
60/t CFR
Garbimeta, UAB, LT +2 ads
Total 1000mt. Origin Taiwan Pls see picture enclosed. Material is in powder form, packed in Big Bags of 1.1MT. This is by product of spent NiMo,...
Price on request
Buying industrial pellets 4000 tons
Price on request
Митаб Интернешнл, LLC, Moscow +2 ads
Our request for your products Dear Sir, We are a Swedish company, and we are interested in the range of products that you produce. We present you...
Quality Wood Pellets, Pine and Oak Wood Pellets
120/ton CIF
Avico, AS, DK +1 ad
Technical Specification: Diameter: 6mm~8mm Length: 10~20~30 mm Moisture: 7.5% Ash: 1.6%. Density: 900 kcal/kg. Calorie: 4702...
Industrial wood pellets for sale
Price on request
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE +2 ads
Greetings sir/madam, i am from Denmark we supply food and beverages cooking oil contact for more details
rub 45,000/cu m  
Wholesale price
rub 35,000-45,000/cu m
Наниев В.С., SP, Kirov (Kirov)
Glued lumber windows are durable, reliable, have the desired rigidity and structural strength. High performance is ensured by the special...
Automatic Wafer production machines
Price on request
Omaks Machinery, LS, TR +1 ad
Automatic wafer machines - Automatic Wafer Baking Owens - Wafer sheet coolers - Automatic Cream Spreading Machine - Wafer Book Cooling...
Green lentils
Price on request
Интер-Агро, LLC, Moscow +5 ads
We offer green faceted lentils. The premium quality. Production Russia. Packing bags of 25-50 kg.
Wheat of class 3
Wholesale price
up to $215/t
ГСКСМ, LLC, Astrakhan +5 ads
Wheat of hard varieties. In stock. The price is indicated by the Central Federal District Qualitative indicators. GOST R-52554-2006. Mass fraction...
Recycled PET bottles, 50 tons
Wholesale price
Полимер Трейдинг, LLC, Krasnodar
We sell PET bottle, sorted by colors: transparent and blue; brown and green. Mix all the colors. Marriage blowing during production: transparent...
Manufacture of piers metal, pontoon.
Price on request
НПО Металлообработка, LLC, Chelyabinsk
Manufacture of piers metal, pontoon. Those whose plot has access to the reservoir, sooner or later, you have to think about the arrangement of the...
Polystyrene secondary granular natural grade 585
Price on request
Промполипласт, LLC, Ryazan
Polystyrene secondary natural without addition of pigments. Perfect for foaming any of the currently existing methods of producing foam....
Yellow and white Maize
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, Moscow +5 ads
(1)admixture: 2.5%max (2)protein: 8%min (3)broken seeds: 4% max (4)total damaged kernels include heat damaged:4% max (5)aflatoxin: 30ppb...
Urea 46%
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ
Sell urea 46% for 200$ without transport production of Turkmenistan Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per month Application: use in industry as a raw...
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
rub 100,000,000/Комплект (компл)
Stanok expert, LLC, Belgorod +5 ads
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Rolls-Royce models: Avon,...
Sodium Silicate
Салаватстекло, JSC, Salavat
Sodium silicate is produced in the form of homogeneous transparent granules of pyramidal shape without mechanical inclusions visible to the naked...
18 inch fat tire citycoco electric scooter classic
$290/pc FOB  
Wholesale price
Xinex Technology, LLC, CN +7 ads
Product Size:1750*750*1100MM Motor:1000W/1500W (optional) Battery: 60V 12AH /20AH Charge time:4-6hours Net Weight:58KG Gross Weight:68KG Unit...
Vertical packaging machines
Price on request
RT Group, JSC, Saint-Petersburg
We produce vertical type packaging machines with doser to fill flow-pack bags, made of PE or PP film from reel. It is used for packaging of...
Opaque bags for bottles (beer, wine, vodka)
rub 1/pc  
Wholesale price
rub 1/pc
Тендер, LLC, Krasnoyarsk
Opaque bags for bottles (beer, wine, vodka and craft alcoholic drinks) Convenient durable bags made of completely opaque PET (polyethylene) for a...
Telecom BTS shelter fan free cooling ventilation system
$700/pc FOB  
Wholesale price
Shanghai warner telecom, LLC, CN +2 ads
W-TEL free cooling system saves energy and operating expenses at Telecom sites, where the application of traditional air conditioners has resulted...
Copper Cathode Plates
Wholesale price
from $4,600/t
Arion Company, LLP, KZ +4 ads
Copper Cathode Plates Product: Copper Cathode Plates Quantity: from 2000 MT per month Price quotation: US$ 4600 MT or LME London minus Quality:...
Copper Scrap HMS Scrap Used Rail Metal Scrap Vessel Scrap Ty
600/t CIF  
Wholesale price
N V H Trading Ltd, PCL, CY +1 ad
We have the following types of scrap in stock for sales ABS Regrind ABS scrap and Electronic Mixed ABS SCrap Aluminum Breakage Aluminum...
Holzma HPL 23/33/22 Panel Saw
Price on request
Rhino Doors, SIA, LV
Holzma HPL 23/33/22 Panel Saw Production year: 1998 Condition: In production use Price: 8000 Eur The machine is located in Daugavpils, Latvia
$10,000/t FOB  
Wholesale price
Jukon konstruction, SIA, LV +6 ads
The buyer would like to receive quotations for - product name= fuel avia specifications : - en590 ulsd 10ppm - quantity required : 150,000 -...
Price on request
Трансшипмент Лоджистикс, LLC, Saint-Petersburg +1 ad
We would like to offer you our services on transportation and transshipment of cargo via ports of Russian Federation and others countries....
Textiles at low prices from Bulgaria
Price on request
Milkov 63, SMLLC, BG +1 ad
Our company have a permanent contract with State Reserve of Bulgaria about realization of goods from State Reserve on the Bulgarian Commodity...
rub 10/kg  
Wholesale price
from rub 20/t
Вектор, LLC, Ekaterinburg
Selling microsphere aluminosilicate. A wide range of applications. Reducing the cost and increase the chemical and physical characteristics of...
Excellent quality cutted wood from Siberia region
100/cu m
Сиблес, LLC, Tayshet
Our company dealing with wood for 14 years. Medium-sized manufactory located in South East of Russia, Irkutsk area. The features of sharply...
Designer table, handmade
rub 25,000/pc  
Wholesale price
rub 12,000-20,000/pc
Мастер-Класс, LLC, Armyansk
Handmade, has no analogues. Made by a unique, original technology from natural vine grad vine. The product is in the style of rustic, but made of...
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