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EcoPeatMix, LLC
297 18 Feb 2019

Absorbent for oil spill response. Peat moss pressed products for agriculture industry. Mining equipment (centrifugal concentrators, leaching reactors and others) for gold , silver, platinum.

43 6 Sep 2017

AVCN A/S is a good and relyable company. AVCN A/S is a cooperative company. Today AVCN A/S is the worlds 7th largest food and beverages dairy company and are know worldwide for their Lurpak butter, cheeses and other dairy products. The first choice for our stakeholders: customers, employees,...

Altair, LLC
18.9 17 Sep 2020

We sell seeds and grasses in Russia and we wanna offer our products to you. This is our product list: Mustard (White, yellow), Oil Flax(Golden, Brown), Millet(Red, yellow), Spring, or Winter Vetch, Oil Radis, Annual, Perennial Grasses, Phacelia, Hungarian sainfoin, Meadow fescue grass We are...

8.9 27 Oct 2020

AMT&C Group is a recognized leader in the Russian market in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies, specializing in the development and manufacture of household, industrial and defense products based on permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems. The R&D activity of AMT&C Group...

8.2 2 Apr

Recyclingsaler ecyclingsalerecy clingsalerec yclingsalerecyclingsale

2.0 4 Nov 2018

Autoteile. Großhandel. Verkauf. Original. Lieferung DPD DHL UPS.

Livam, LLC
1.9 7 Oct 2020

Livam GmbH is a manufacturer of water distillers and water purification systems for laboratory, medical and industrial use. The company develops and manufactures: - electric water distillers (Type III water); - equipment for water double distillation (Type II water); - ultrapure water generation...

1.4 5 Nov 2020

Trade agent for coal, oil products. Arrangement for direct contracts for comission

TH Group, JSC
1.3 16 Apr new

Raw materials sourcing: CASHEW-SHEAS -SOYA-ANANAS-MANGOES...

Simons, JSC
0.9 31 Mar 2016

Company is organized in 1992 by the one founder, as private enterprise. In 1999 the organization is transformed to Simons JSC. Our main business is the creation and introduction of new innovative high-tech chemicals and materials; development of technical specifications and technological...

0.7 4 Feb

Barinoff is the only official vendor of products of Mercury production holding. This holding is established on the basis of Mtsensk (Mtsensk is city of Orlovskaya Region, Russia) conservation factory. We have got products for different categories of consumers: children’s drinks, fruit infusions,...

0.7 30 Jun 2020

Dairy and cattle meat production, feed production, big farm.

0.2 23 Apr new

Slaughterhouse Las Pataguas comes from a family of Butchers in a small village to international distributors. Today, We slaughter, process and distribute quality pork products. With our large farm scale, We provide quality food to millions of people around the world. Producing wholesome Pork...

Trade and sell, LLC
0.2 30 Apr new

Shipping containers available at affordable prices, contact to get yours if you are interested. we are out for business come for yours.

0.0 18 Oct 2020

Pellets-Pallets-Plywood-Board-Timber from the manufacturer for export.

Aa forward, LLC
0.0 5 Nov 2016

Do you plan to conduct business in Russia? Your Reliable Partner in Russia. We are specialists in the field of financial security of companies and risk management. We can manage issues of both financial and legal security, and in the field of tax and accounting legislation. Today, we offer...

0.0 21 Sep 2018

Agricultural production, sale of production equipment, consulting, business planning.

0.0 23 Sep 2020

We are whole suppliers of agricultural products such as meat, fish, spices, cereals, oil, beans, nuts and other goods.

0.0 5 Sep 2016

Dear Sirs, the Russian Company offers the deliveries of chaga mushroom (Fundus betinus, inonotus obliguus). The product grows and is produced in the Siberian Region of Russia. Our company is increasing chaga mushroom production. Now we are ready to deliver more than 20 000 kg of our product...

Amberbalt, LLC
0.0 4 Aug 2016

We produce and sell goods made ​​of natural Baltic amber. We produce children's necklaces, amber paintings and accessories for pets. In all our products we use only natural Baltic amber. All our products are handmade and that makes them exclusive. The quality of our products is always high.

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