Chemistry, Petrochemistry & Coal in Russia

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Авангард, LLC, Chelyabinsk +137 ads
There is an opportunity from Russia to purchase ready-to-use products in technical production and manufacturing. 1. Mercury grade R-0 GOST...
Recycled PET bottles, 50 tons
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Полимер Трейдинг, LLC, Krasnodar +14 ads
We sell PET bottle, sorted by colors: transparent and blue; brown and green. Mix all the colors. Marriage blowing during production: transparent...
Diesel gas oil EN 590 (10ppm)
Горбунов И.Г., SP, Saint-Petersburg +5 ads
Commodity: diesel gas oil EN 590 (10ppm) Origin : Russian Quantity: 200 thousand Mt per month Delivery in month: min. 100 thousand Mt Contract...
BASE OIL SN 150, 200, 300, 350, 450, 500, 900, 1200
Asia Pacific Line Ltd, LLC, Vladivostok +6 ads
Base Oil 1200N (Rosneft) availiable for immidiate lift basis delivery CPT Naushki (Russia-Mongolia border) or CPT Erlian (Mongolia-China...
Aviation Kerosene JP54
Горбунов И.Г., SP, Saint-Petersburg +5 ads
Commodity: Aviation Kerosene JP54/TS1 Origin : Russian Quantity: (24 X 2,000,000 BBLs) = 48,000,000 BBLs (+/- 5%) Delivery in month:2 X 2,000,000...
Price on request
Кузбасская..., LLC, Kemerovo +4 ads
Ethylene, Propylen, Polyethylene, polypropylene, linear alpha-olefins, monoethylene, benzene, high pressure polyethylene, styrene, polystyrene,...
Polystyrene secondary granular natural grade 585
Price on request
Промполипласт, LLC, Ryazan +19 ads
Polystyrene secondary natural without addition of pigments. Perfect for foaming any of the currently existing methods of producing foam....
$350/cu m
Trading, GP, Saint-Petersburg
We are looking for serious rusian seller for ecportng from Russia to Ghana
Ashitaba extract powder
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, Moscow +71 ads
Ashitaba extract powder Highest Grade Source - Extract Powder - Due to the concentration of the powder, the powder has more of a brownish color....
ТогрНефтепродукт, LLC, Krasnodar +3 ads
Product jp54, 58/54 $ 2,000,000 bbl, Rotterdam FOB. Why can't we close this deal?
Top Quality Wood Briquettes
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, Moscow +71 ads
Specifications We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives. RUF briquettes are...
$22/Persian Gulf Platts
ТогрНефтепродукт, LLC, Krasnodar +3 ads
Gasoil D2, EN 590-2009 (10ppm) 100,000 mt every month, min Qt: 25000 mt. Price: Persia1. Gasoil D2, EN 590-2009 (10ppm) 100,000 mt every month,...
ТогрНефтепродукт, LLC, Krasnodar +3 ads
Kerosene 50,000 mt every week, min Qt: 25000 mt. Price: Persian Gulf Platts-20$/mt
rub 658.11/kg
Ярколорит, JSC, Yaroslavl +17 ads
BYK-051 BYK-051 BYK-051 BYK-051
rub 10/kg  
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from rub 20/t
Вектор, LLC, Ekaterinburg +18 ads
Selling microsphere aluminosilicate. A wide range of applications. Reducing the cost and increase the chemical and physical characteristics of...
Hot Sale CAS 236117-38-7, com
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Hebei Chisure Biotechnology, LLC, Samara
Mail/Skype: Whatsapp/Wechat: +8613292891350 Here are some of our hot sale products: CAS 22563-90-2 / CAS 5413-05-8 CAS 236117-38-7 BMK...
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from rub 1/pc
АМФ, LLC, Saint-Petersburg +13 ads
We offer for sale for export diesel fuel D2, gasoline and other oil products. Annual and one-time contracts. From 20,000 tons per month.
Jp54, Jetfuel a1, virgin oil d6, d2, mazut, lng, en590 10ppm
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Prom Trading, LLC, Nizhny Novgorod
We can supply on cif / fob: d2 diesel oil gost 305-82, jp54 aviation kerosene, colonial grade, urea 46%/prills, lng, lpg, rebco, mazut 100 gost...
Sodium Silicate
Салаватстекло, JSC, Salavat +1 ad
Sodium silicate is produced in the form of homogeneous transparent granules of pyramidal shape without mechanical inclusions visible to the naked...
Chemical products offer
Price on request
Chapelfields TL, LLC, Moscow +1 ad
Chapelfields Trading Limited is an international trader of raw materials for chemical industry. We cooperate with mining and metallurgical...
Price on request
ТЭК Караван, LLC, Moscow +8 ads
We offer diesel D2, Jet fuel A1, Iraqi Basra light crude oil, FOB/CIF, hypetrolrefinix(at)gmail(dot)com, WhatsApp
Price on request
ТЭК Караван, LLC, Moscow +8 ads
Sell BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil), discount $7/$11, on CIF terms, volume confirmation, from 2mln bbl, I will send the procedure by request...
Pellets from sunflower husks
ЭкоОйл, JSC, Tambov +3 ads
The Creamery sells high-quality pellets from sunflower husks. Pellet diameter 8mm, length up to 4mm. Photos and official quality documents are...
Pini Kay heat logs
rub 10,000/pc  
Wholesale price
from rub 10,000/pc
Sunles, LLC, Moscow +1 ad
We would like to present you our pini-kay briquettes made of raw mixed sawdust of soft and hard wood. Our production line based in Moscow...
PINI-KAY briquettes
Sunles, LLC, Moscow +1 ad
We would like to present you our PINI-KAY briquettes made of virgin pine and spruce wood. They do not expand, spark, or spit when burning. Our...
Gland packing
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НПП Гермет-Урал, LLC, Krasnodar +2 ads
The packing of square section is intended for use in armature. Woven from 100% Teflon (PTFE) fibers. Gland packing "Germorum" C-500 is made of...
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from €90/t
Афонин Э., SP, Ulyanovsk +1 ad
Kieselguhr granulated Fr 1-5 mm, 0.5-1.0 mm Ewx Ulyanovsk
Price on request
Митаб Интернешнл, LLC, Moscow +2 ads
Our request for your products Dear Sir, We are a Swedish company, and we are interested in the range of products that you produce. We present you...
LIQUI MOLY Optimal 10W-40
rub 1,381/pc
Стройтехника, LLC, Ufa +26 ads
LIQUI MOLY Optimal 10W-40
Sodium Oleate
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ИКО-Хим, LLC, Perm +65 ads
Sodium Oleate (Oleic Acid Sodium Salt, CAS No.143-19-1) occurs as a white to yellowish powder or as light brown yellow coarse powder or lumps. It...
Отработанное масло, нефтепродукты
rub 14/l  
Wholesale price
rub 13-22/l
Промнефть-урал, SP, Ekaterinburg
Дорого закупаем , самовывоз: Отработанные масла:( трансформаторное, турбинное, индустриальное , моторное). Отработанные нефтепродукты. Неликвид...
Уголь древесный
rub 23/kg  
Wholesale price
rub 16.50-17.50/kg
Королев С.А., SP, Ekaterinburg
Реализуем уголь древесный:3кг,5кг,8кг
Нефть и нефтепродукты от производителя.
Price on request
Байсков А., SP, Ufa +19 ads
Крупные экспортные поставки нефти и нефтепродуктов от собственника. Годовые контракты.
Печное топливо.
Wholesale price
from rub 17,200/t
ББК, LLC, Ufa +2 ads
Самовывоз. Автоналив. Ж/д отгрузки. 1. Вязкость при 50 °C. Условная, ВУ - 4,0 2. Зольность - 0,12 3. Массовая доля мех. Примесей, %, не более -...
Куплю слюду смог бу и новые
Price on request
ХОМ, LLC, Moscow +53 ads
Куплю слюду фильтровую СФ, слюду высокочастотную СВЧ, слюду образцовую СО, слюду низкочастотную СНЧ, слюду защитную СЗ, слюду СМОГ, слюду СФУК, ЮЯ...
Price on request
Шебекинская индустриальная..., LLC, Shebekino +31 ads
Регенерируемые (отработанные) турбинное, индустриальное, трансформаторное масла Закупаем по ценам выше рыночных.
Доставка пескосоляной смеси
Price on request
Доставка-сп, LLC, Sergiev Posad +11 ads
Пескосоляная смесь – экономичный и универсальный противогололедный материал смесь песка и соли (пескосоль). Обладает фрикционными свойствами...
Агломерат стрейч
rub 40/kg  
Wholesale price
rub 40/kg
Пластик78, LLC, Saint-Petersburg +14 ads
Производим и продаем чистый агломерат стрейч 45 руб/кг, чистый агломерат ПВД естественного цвета 40 руб/кг, цены с НДС.
Лента транспортёрная Б/У и новая шир. до 2м. толщ 3-25мм
rub 490/sq m
Дилизгрупп, LLC, Ekaterinburg +11 ads
ПРАЙС-ЛИСТ: на конвейерную (транспортёрную) ленту Б/У. транспортерная лента б/у 3-5 мм 500 р/м2 транспортерная лента б/у 6-7 мм 590...
ООО " Сантарин", закупает серу гранулированную-999, 8%
Price on request
Сантарин, LLC, Moscow +257 ads
ООО " Сантарин", закупает серу гранулированную-999,8%. С Ув. Сергей Викторович.
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